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Jewelry Designer, Artist....a trilogy of diveristy.Vahe makes a statement with his unique designs in all facets of the world of art. His amazing artistry is revealed in jewelry creations and unique one-of-a-kind creations.  Vahe's designs are truly captivating and exquisite. Vahe lives the word art.  His mind and talent has given him inspiration to create amazing pieces.  He embraces elaborate and elegance with his award winning masterpieces of jewelry artistry.His love for the arts is contagious and the invitation to view his interpretations is welcomed.



Centurion Show Emerging Designer Award Rhyme & Reason, February 2014


Saul Bell Award Finalist Rhyme & Reason, 2014


Future of Design Contest Winner G & G Creations, March 2013


Future of Design Contest Semifinalist,G & G Creations, March 2012


JA New York Summer Show New Designer Honorable Mention, July 2011


2007 AGTA Spectrum Award 3rd Place for Classical

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